The East Cut

The East Cut Community Benefit District, originally named the Greater Rincon Hill Community Benefit District, was established in July 2015 for a 15 year period. It encompasses the Rincon Hill and Transbay areas. These neighborhoods are transitioning from primarily commercial-industrial use into the City's new downtown - an energetic mix of sleek residential and commercial towers, historic properties repurposed for modern living and working, small businesses and corporate headquarters, and new parks and greenspaces anchored by the "Grand Central Station of the West": the Transbay Transit Center and its 5.4 acre rooftop park. The East Community Benefit District is currently the City's largest special assessment district with over 3,300 parcels.

In 2017, the governing board of the Community Benefit District unanimously voted to rename the CBD to The East Cut Community Benefit District in an effort to be inclusive of all neighborhoods within its service area. 

Funded Services

Services may include but are not limited to:

  • Community Guides
  • Street Safety
  • Neighborhood Cleanliness
  • Neighborhood Parks and Greenspace Management
  • Special Event Programming
  • Business Promotion and Economic Development


Service areas
Annual First Year costs
Public Safety  $971,524.00 39.27%
Cleaning and Maintenance $619,672 .00


Parks and Greenspace $340,150.00 13.75%
Communication and Development $78,869.00 3.19%
Management $145,311.00  5.87%
Operations $318,667.00  12.88%





*Total District Revenues include a General Benefit Requirement for the following service areas: 

  • Public Safety (1.40%)
  • Cleaning and Maintenance (1.40%)
  • Parks and Greenspace (6.79%)


The district runs generally from Steuart Street to the east side of Second Street and from the north side of Mission Street south to I-80. It sits adjacent to the Yerba Buena CBD.


Annual Report

Pursuant to California Streets and Highways Code, Section 36650, each Community Benefit District and Business Improvement District must provide an annual report after their first year of operation. Annual reports and financial statements are submitted to OEWD for review. OEWD reviews these documents and determines whether or not the CBD met four benchmarks:

1) Whether the variance between the budget of that fiscal year or calendar year was within 10 percentage points of their management plan budget by service category

2) Whether the CBD or BID, if required, met its respective general benefit obligation 

3) Whether the variance between the fiscal year or calendar year budget was within 10 percentage points of their actual spending for the same time period

4) Whether the CBD or BID indicated the amount of funds carried forward from the previous fiscal year or calendar year into the next

The report is heard before the Government Audit and Oversight committee of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors where OEWD presents on its findings and the CBD or BID presents on its accomplishments and metrics for the reporting period

The latest annual report approved by the Board of Supervisors for East Cut CBD is for FY 2018-2019 and pertinent information can be found here.


Andrew Robinson, Executive Director  
160 Spear Street, Suite 230,
San Francisco, CA 94105