Using Total Grant Solution (TGS)

Welcome to Total Grant Solution (TGS), OEWD's online portal for Economic Development grantees and for Workforce Development grantees receiving Department of Labor (DOL) funds. Below, you will find a series of training videos on how to submit invoices, assign user permissions to your staff, and generate reports. If you have any questions about your project(s), please contact your assigned Grant Coordinator, which you can find in 7c2, under your contract name/number.

Log in to Total Grant Solution (TGS) here:

If you are having trouble logging into your TGS account or if you are experiencing other technical issues, please contact the Contracts and Procurement Unit at (415) 701-4848.

Webinar: Migration to TGS - August 3, 2018 (52mins)

This is a recording of a webinar regarding the migration to TGS for Economic Development grantees and contractors. It includes live demonstrations on how to update user accounts and enter invoices, and Q&A with members of the OEWD Contracts and Grants team. You can download the PowerPoint (PPT) presentation from this webinar as a PDF document here: TGS Migration PPT Aug 3 2018


Creating Accounts and Submitting Invoices in TGS (54mins)

This video is a comprehesive look at the TGS system, providing you with an overview of how to create accounts, submit invoices, and run reports. This is a great introductory overview of the system, while the shorter versions (below) can be used as refreshers for more specific system processes.


Submitting Invoices in TGS (40mins)

This is a scaled back version of the above video, specifically focused on invoicing. Watch this version for step-by-step guidance on how to enter your costs and upload supporting documentation.


Add, Edit or Sunset Users in TGS (7mins)

This video will quickly show you how to add system users and assign permissions to your staff. Each agency is required to assign at least one (1) Organizational Administrator ("Org Admin"), which is typically the Executive Director. Org Admin is the only level that can submit invoices for payment, add new users, or edit permissions/deactivate users, so OEWD recommends that you have more than one person with this level of authority.


Using Report Builder in TGS (29mins)

This video will show you how to set up and run reports out of the system, which can help your agency track and reconcile your spending over time. There are some standard queries that are already available in the system but your Grant Coordinator can also assist with setting up more specific reports if you need support.