About Us




The Office of Economic and Workforce Development (OEWD) advances equitable and shared prosperity for San Franciscans by growing sustainable jobs, supporting businesses of all sizes, creating great places to live and work, and helping everyone achieve economic self-sufficiency.



OEWD’s programs are responsible for strengthening San Francisco’s many diverse neighborhoods and commercial corridors, creating a business climate where companies can grow and prosper, and ensuring a continually high quality of life for all San Franciscans.

By providing one point of contact for a variety of essential City programs and services, OEWD’s goal is to ensure that San Francisco will always be what it is today: one of the best places on the planet to live, work, and play.

  • Business Attraction and Retention: Attracting and retaining businesses, with an emphasis on key industry clusters.
  • Small Business Assistance: One-stop resource center providing information and resources for start-ups and expanding small businesses.
  • Workforce Development: Overall strategic coordination for the City’s workforce system, including implementing job training programs aimed at providing residents (particularly those with multiple barriers to employment) with access to today’s jobs.
  • Joint Development: Managing major public-private development projects to maximize long-term public benefits, including affordable housing, jobs and economic development, and open space.
  • Neighborhood Development: Facilitating the revitalization of commercial corridors in economically disadvantaged neighborhoods and creating Community Benefit Districts (CBD) throughout the City.
  • Filming and Production: Promoting San Francisco as a film destination to filmmakers and spurring additional City revenue and jobs by attracting and facilitating film productions.
  • International Trade and Commerce: Increasing international business opportunities in the City, fostering San Francisco’s award-winning Sister City program and attracting and expanding international airlines in partnership with San Francisco International Airport.




Anne Taupier serves as the Acting Director for the Office of Economic and Workforce Development. Prior to taking on the leadership of the department, Anne was the Director of Development overseeing the management and entitlement of large private and public mixed- use development and affordable housing projects on behalf of San Francisco. The role includes leading negotiations with developers to provide community benefits packages that reflect and enhance the City’s housing, affordability, sustainability, jobs, open space, equity and transportation policy objectives.  


Anne has worked extensively on San Francisco development projects including:  The Hunter’s Point Shipyard, 2013 America’s Cup Host City, 5M, The Plumber’s Union Development, The Conservatory of Music student housing, India Basin, the Flower Mart, Potrero Power Station and Balboa Reservoir. In addition, her experience includes working in the administration under former Mayor Gavin Newsom and as an investigator for the San Francisco Office of the City Attorney. 


Anne has a strong belief that scarce and unaffordable housing is a local, national and global crisis and that safe and stable housing is an essential component of every community’s public health plan. This focus on providing housing security for everyone is also critical to job stability and a strong local economy.


Anne is a life-long trail runner and former competitive cyclist and tri-athlete.  She has worked as a fitness instructor and advocates for programs that encourage girls and young women to participate in sports, athletics, dance and movement that build strong self-confidence and leadership skills.


She has a Masters of Art Education and a B.A in French and Fine Arts from The University of Massachusetts. Anne was also the Co-Founder and former Vice President of “The Kerouac Corporation,” a 501(c)(3) established in her hometown of Lowell, Massachusetts.