Active Projects and Programs


The Joint Development Division manages a number of development projects, both on an individual basis and as part of broader citywide program initiatives. In each case, our team works collaboratively with City stakeholders and development sponsors to achieve a project with robust public benefits for City residents beyond what can be achieved through the standard entitlement process.

Southern BayfrontSouthern Bayfront

The Southern Bayfront is a collection of dynamic neighborhoods, vibrant communities, and a large and multi-faceted waterfront, spanning from Mission Creek to Candlestick Point – almost 5 miles along the southeastern waterfront. Proposed investments seek to revitalize underutilized waterfront properties, transform them into assets for the community, and create new places to live, work, and create on former industrial, non-residential land.

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Public Land for HousingPublic Land for Housing

OEWD and SF Planning Department are collaborating with the City’s enterprise agencies to redevelop publicly-owned land into housing. Using innovative strategies, these development opportunities seek to provide revenue to the enterprise agency while creating other vital public benefits such as affordable housing. By structuring these projects as public-private partnerships, the City can create critical wide-reaching public benefits such as parks and open space, jobs, and affordable housing.


Project Sites:


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Old Mint

OEWD announced a long term partnership with the California Historical Society (CHS) who was selected through a Request for Proposals (RFP) process for the Old Mint Restoration Project –. The project is led by OEWD to renovate the 140-year old structure and restore it as a publicly-accessible cultural facility. In collaboration with CHS, the City will develop a comprehensive reuse proposal for the City-owned National Historic Landmark building located at 88 Fifth Street. In the short term, the OEWD is also working to bring a range of positive uses and activation to the building, as well as ensure the Mint’s maintenance and security until the long-term restoration project can begin.

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Plaza ProgramPlaza Program

The SF Plaza Program is a joint effort of OEWD with the Real Estate Division (RED) and the Department of Public Works. This new initiative is designed to activate the public realm while empowering interested and City-identified stakeholder groups to steward the long term care, maintenance and/or activation of plazas adopted into the Plaza Program. The program will leverage benefits for the public realm by supporting community-based groups in becoming stewards of their neighborhood open space.

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