Approved Projects


The following projects have been approved for development by the City’s legislative bodies and are in various stages of implementation. Some of these projects are subject to Development Agreements, which are contracts entered into by the City and a developer to expressly define a development project’s rules, regulations, commitments, and policies for a specific period of time. These contracts reduce the risks associated with development, thereby enhancing the City's ability to obtain public benefits beyond those achievable through existing ordinances and regulations. Development Agreements are only one type of development commitment. Other types of requirements placed on development include environmental mitigation and improvement measures, as well as conditions of approval.

Each of these projects include a variety of public benefits, such as transportation and infrastructure improvements, open space amenities, new utilities, workforce components, and other mitigation measures and community benefits.

Warriors Arena ProjectWarriors Arena Project

In 2012, San Francisco began actively working with the Golden State Warriors to develop a world-class, state-of-the-art sports and entertainment pavilion. In addition to the creation of an estimated 1,000+ permanent jobs and 2,000+ temporary/construction jobs, the new pavilion will generate hundreds of millions of dollars in new economic growth and activity for the City, and help accelerate development of an area of Mission Bay that has been dormant for decades. The Golden State Warriors arena plans to open in time for the 2018-2019 basketball season.

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5M will be a mixed-use development that includes offices, retail, arts, and residential accommodations that connects with the local community and builds on the vibrancy of the neighborhood through activated open spaces, streets, and alleyways.

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Schlage LockSchlage Lock

Construction of the first phase of Schlage Lock began construction in June 2016. The construction marks the transformation of the former vacant industrial site into a livable, mixed-use urban community designed to encourage walking, biking, and the use of mass transit with and a network of well-designed open spaces and public amenities that blends into the urban fabric of the community.

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Octavia Boulevard ProjectOctavia Boulevard Project

In 2000, the Central Freeway was removed north of Market Street, and the State transferred 22 parcels to the City. OEWD has been leading the effort on behalf of the City to smooth the transition from freeway to boulevard via the sale of parcels for mixed-use residential development, an importation component of the 1999 voter-approved Proposition I.

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California Pacific Medical Center (CMPC)California Pacific Medical Center (CPMC)

The site of the new Van Ness and Geary Campus Hospital occupies a full city block – bounded by Van Ness Avenue, Geary Boulevard, Franklin Street, and Post Street – and contains approximately 106,000 square feet of lot area.

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Moscone Center Expansion Project Moscone Center Expansion Project

In February 2013, the Moscone Center expansion project finalized financing with the passage of the Moscone Expansion District (MED) and approval by the City to issue certificates of participation and commercial paper. Two thirds of these issuances will be repaid by hotel assessments from the MED and one-third will be repaid by the City.

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Wholesale Produce Market ExpansionWholesale Produce Market Expansion

The San Francisco Wholesale Produce Market has been providing food to residents for 137 years. Located in the Southeast sector of San Francisco, the Market is an association of dedicated professionals, united at one distribution center, committed to being the Bay Area’s leading source of produce and produce information. The Market offers fresh produce to local and regional grocers, specialty and upscale retailers, restaurants, hotels, caterers, and convention facilities.

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Daggett ProjectDaggett Project

The almost one acre Daggett Plaza will be opening in Fall 2016 and is located in the Showplace Square area, right at the foot of Potrero hill, on 16th Street where it meets 7th Street. The site used to be home to the Gliden Paint factory. The surrounding area is lacking open space and is slated for substantial new development.

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