Employment Training Ignites Opportunities

Kwok Lou Lo, Hospitality Initiative, CCSC

One of the many community based organizations the Hospitality Initiative partners with, Charity Cultural Services Center (CCSC), facilitates trainings in Chinese Cooking, Western Cooking, Bartending/Table Waiting for low-income and recent immigrants interested in starting a career path in the culinary field.

Feeling unappreciated, underpaid, and unsatisfied with his previous work experience, Kwok Lou Lo worked as a kitchen helper in a small restaurant, which unfortunately went out of business and he found himself without a job. At the age of 60, he felt hopeless and desired a more substantial career path. He attended an orientation for OEWD’s Hospitality Initiative and decided to apply for the Chinese Cooking Training Class with CCSC.

Throughout the training, Kwok Lou formed a support system with other students and gained the necessary skills to be successful in the kitchen. More importantly, he regained his confidence and self-esteem to prepare him for the culinary workforce. Upon successful completion of the program and assistance from CCSC staff, Kwok Lou was hired as a Kitchen Helper at Whole Foods Market’s Sushi Counter where he receives full benefits.