Mission Resident Launches IT Career with Support from MEDA


Tan Lai, a resident of the Mission district graduated from MEDA’s Mission Techies coding bootcamp, a part of the TechSF training program.

Lai went on to further his IT skills at City College of San Francisco and earned an Associates degree in network security. Additionally, he gained two certifications in network security and advanced cybersecurity. Lai then landed an apprenticeship at San Francisco Housing Authority, which led to a contract role working on Windows 10 migration.

Throughout his journey, Lai stayed in contact with MEDA staff to receive continued job coaching, new job leads announcements and recently volunteering as a mentor to the current Mission Techies students. 

In May 2021, Lai started as an IT Analyst at NBC Universal, and in August 2021, he advanced to a new role as an associate system engineer at the same company.

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