More than Just Job Placement

Access Points

Funded by OEWD, The Western Addition Neighborhood Access Point provides job seekers with career planning assistance and job placement services. Their Employment Training Specialists are available to assist job seekers with their career exploration and planning by offering various assessment tools.

Enrique had recently been paroled and heard about the services offered at the Western Addition Neighborhood Access Point from others that had worked with staff at the center. Enrique had no I-9 documentation and had no work clothes. The Employment Training Specialist assisted him with obtaining a copy of his birth certificate and a California ID card. Additionally, his Employment Specialist guided him in resume building and brushing up his interview skills.

The center’s job developer team worked with the Golden Gate Restaurant Association to connect him with employment in the food services industry. After successful interviews, and through the support of the Western Addition Neighborhood Access Point, Enrique is now employed and is working for the Waterfront and Dabba restaurants.

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