San Francisco Releases Advanced Manufacturing Playbook

Playbook Created Through Public-Private Partnership Aims to Strengthen and Grow Advanced Manufacturing in the City

San Francisco, CA – Today, the Office of Economic and Workforce Development (OEWD), Mayor’s Office of Civic Innovation(MOCI), SFMade, and members of the Advanced Manufacturing Action team released the “Make to Manufacture Advanced Manufacturing Playbook: Strengthening the Advanced Manufacturing Sector in San Francisco.” The Playbook provides a roadmap to ensure that San Francisco and its residents continue to benefit from the economic, environmental, and social benefits of manufacturing.

“San Francisco is a City of innovators. We want to ensure our City is proactive in creating an environment for advanced manufacturers to grow and thrive,” said Mayor Ed Lee. “This sector is creating jobs and opportunities as our companies incorporate new technologies into their facilities and our workforce learns to expand their skillsets.”

The “Make to Manufacture Advanced Manufacturing Playbook” was guided by a group of 24 industry leaders from the public sector known as the Advanced Manufacturing Action Team (AMAT). Three key strategy areas came out of the Playbook:

  • Collaboration with other Bay Area cities to create a strong manufacturing ecosystem
  • Address San  Francisco specific infrastructure challenges
  • Increase workforce development opportunities in the sector

Within the strategies are six core recommendations that include 25 detailed descriptions from enabling a regional manufacture strategy to improving outreach, education and awareness around manufacture services and job opportunities to developing finance solutions to assisting with capital expenses to attracting manufacturers to San Francisco.

“Manufacturing has always been critical to the health of our local economy, and are some of the largest employers in San Francisco. The advanced manufacturing sector is not only helping our traditional manufacturing sector flourish, but also creating new opportunities for employment and product innovation. We must work creatively to preserve the existing manufacturing sector and grow the advance manufacturing sector to ensure we have a diverse economy in our City,” said District 10 Supervisor Malia Cohen.

San Francisco’s deep history of manufacturing combined with a number of hardware incubators, and a strong regional supply chain provide a powerful platform for the City to strengthen its advanced manufacturing ecosystem.  Most of San Francisco’s advanced manufacturers are startups in infancy stage and the potential for their expansion will create job opportunities and a pathway to good employment for residents.  The playbook looks at different ways government, nonprofit, and private sectors can contribute to the growth of the sector.

“Manufacturing provides good blue collar jobs. Our growing advanced manufacturing sector has the ability to create a new wave of jobs while also expanding the capabilities of our current manufacturing workforce. This playbook takes a holistic look at advanced manufacturing through a San Francisco lens and identifies a path to success when the public and private sector work together toward a common goal,” said Todd Rufo, director of the Office of Economic and Workforce Development.

SFMade’s membership alone includes over 600 manufacturers with production facilities in San Francisco that employ approximately 4,000 people, 70% are from low-income households. “Advanced manufacturing has been growing faster than any other sector in the city, creating new types of jobs and opportunities for San Franciscans from every age group and background. Advanced manufacturing technologies will help create new kinds of products and innovation and will also be key to helping our legacy manufacturers, especially in food and beverage and garment, continue to excel,” said Kate Sofis, CEO of SFMade.

The release of the report took place at Circa of America, a leather goods maker located in the Bayview District. Circa employees have an average tenure of over 20 years and are trained in traditional handwork as well as advanced manufacturing techniques.

“I started working at Circa 17 years ago. My husband has worked here for 24 years. When I started, everything was done manually.  Now we have new machinery and improved ways of manufacturing.   I have been trained on new technology, like the leather combining machine we got a few years ago.  Circa is a nice place to work and they treat you like a family,” said Tammy Leung, an employee of Circa of America.

The full report can be downloaded on OEWD’s website:

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About the Office of Economic and Workforce Development (OEWD)
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About SFMade

SFMade’s mission is to build and support a vibrant manufacturing sector in San Francisco that sustains companies producing locally made products, encourages entrepreneurship and innovation, and creates employment opportunities for a diverse local workforce. SFMade helps companies to start, grow, and stay in San Francisco.


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