CityBuild Recruitment Assistance

CityBuild Employment Networking Services connect contractors with qualified San Francisco resident trades workers. CityBuild maintains a database of over 5,000 local workers and can assist contractors in meeting workforce hiring requirements.

Workforce Hiring Policies

Many construction projects in San Francisco are covered by workforce hiring policies. In addition to offering Employment Networking Services through the CityBuild Program, OEWD also monitors compliance for the following workforce policies:

San Francisco Local Hiring Policy for Construction (Mandatory Local Hire)

Public Works or improvement contracts with an Engineer’s Estimate of $600,000 or above and advertised for bid on or after March 25, 2011 are covered by the Local Hiring Policy for Construction. The threshold increased from $400,000 to $600,000 on August 1, 2015. For projects covered by these requirements, a pre-determined percentage of total work hours, by trade, must be worked by San Francisco residents. For more information on the Local Hiring Policy for Construction, visit the Local Hire page.

Local Hiring Fact Sheet – 20% Local Requirement

Local Hiring Fact Sheet – 25% Local Requirement

Local Hiring Fact Sheet – 30% Local Requirement

First Source Hiring Program

Many Public Works and privately funded projects are covered by the First Source Hiring Policy. The First Source Hiring Policy goal is that 50% of all new hires be economically disadvantaged workers. Please refer to your project’s specifications to verify if First Source Hiring applies, or contact CityBuild at (415) 701-4848 for additional information.

First Source Hiring Program Fact Sheet (Private Funding)

First Source Hiring Program Fact Sheet (Public Funding)

Developers required to sign a First Source Affidavit during the entitlement process must attend a First Source Hiring Program Orientation Session. Orientation Sessions are held at 10:00AM on the fourth Friday of each month at the Office of Economic and Workforce Development (OEWD) offices, 1 South Van Ness Ave., Fifth Floor., unless otherwise noted.  Orientation Sessions are open to all contractors and others who are interested in learning about the First Source Hiring Program.

Register for an upcoming First Source Hiring Program Orientation Session:

Get more information on the First Source Hiring Program or contact James Hewitt / 415-701-4876. 

HUD Section 3 (Mayor’s Office of Housing)

HUD Section 3 workforce goals apply to projects with HUD funding, typically awarded by the Mayor’s Office of Housing, with estimates in excess of $100,000.

HUD Section 3 Fact Sheet

Office of Community Investment and Infrastructure (Successor to the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency)

OCII oversees redevelopment projects for the City and County of San Francisco.

OCII Fact Sheet

Workforce Forms

Each policy has corresponding forms for maintaining compliance as well as for requesting local workers through CityBuild Employment Networking Services. Please visit the CityBuild Forms page to download forms related to these workforce hiring policies.