Clean Technology and Green Business

clean technology

From renewable energy to alternative transportation to advanced materials, the collection of goods and services known as cleantech has become one of the fastest growing segments of the new economy. Driving this growth is a highly favorable confluence of entrepreneurial talent, venture capital, and media attention. At the center of this advantageous mix sits San Francisco – the world-class city that anchors our nation’s most dynamic clean technology corridor.

San Francisco boasts a deeply engrained culture of innovation, a rich network of venture funders and cleantech companies, prominent centers of academic excellence, and a number of forward looking government policies that is driving the demand for clean technology solutions.

A Cleantech Cluster. The numerous examples that demonstrate the advantage of locating in proximity to similar businesses include opportunities for collaboration, the sharing of infrastructure, and aggregating resources to name a few.

A City Committed to Going Green. San Francisco is a global leader in the municipal greening movement. The City is home to the one of largest alternative-fuel municipal vehicle fleets in the nation, and boasts the highest recycling rates for a major U.S. city, diverting nearly 70% of trash from landfills. San Francisco has more than two megawatts of municipal solar generation currently installed or under construction and is a leader in pro-environmental legislation, with a citywide ban on non-biodegradable grocery bags, Styrofoam, bottled water in City facilities and selected pesticides. In addition, the City provides a payroll tax exemption to cleantech companies. Bottom line – San Francisco is home to an ambitious range of policies and initiatives that will help drive businesses forward, not hold them back.

Don’t Take Our Word For It. Take theirs. Over 200 clean technology enterprises are currently located in San Francisco, a diverse industry mix that includes solar manufacturers; solar development finance; energy efficiency, green building, transportation; renewable materials and fuels; venture capitalist, finance and carbon offsets/ trading; and government and utilities. Every day, more and more cleantech businesses are making that same choice because of the competitive advantages that only a place like San Francisco can offer. San Francisco has ranked #1 in the U.S. Metro Clean Tech Index according to Clean Edge, Inc. in both 2013 and 2014 (measures four categories: green buildings, advanced transportation, clean electricity & carbon management, clean-tech investment, innovation & workforce).

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