Committees of the Workforce Investment San Francisco

The Workforce Investment San Francisco (WISF) is organized into two standing committees and two ad-hoc committees that are focused on specific industries. Please see below for a list of the committees.

Standing Committees

Executive Committee/Finance Subcommittee
Program Oversight Committee

Ad-Hoc Committees

ICT Sector Committee
The Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Sector Committee serves as an ambassador for the TechSF Initiative and Programs, providing important feedback and suggestions to TechSF staff. The ICT Sector Committee is intended to provide formal recommendations to the WISF Board regarding influential strategy and policy within the Tech Sector.

Health Care Committee

The HealthCare Sector Committee is vital in the indentification of key needs of the healthcare industry and will provide insight and recommendations to the WISF Board. The HealthCare Sector Committee is intended to help identify partnership opportunities, identify skill requirements, vet and approve a programmitc framework, review training curriculum, recommend program or policy changes, and provide programmatic oversight of workforce programs related to the HealthCare Sector.

Youth Council
San Francisco's Youth Council brings together a broad range of committed stakeholders--City agencies, employers, educational institutions, and youth--to assist OEWD and the City in the development of a coordinated strategy to ensure the success of San Francisco's young adult population.

Workforce Community Advisory Committee (WCAC)

The Workforce Community Advisory Committee (WCAC) advises the WISF Board and Committee on City Workforce Alignment (“Alignment Committee”) on workforce development system priorities, client needs and services. Comprised of representatives from nonprofit organizations that provide workforce development services across the City of San Francisco, the WCAC provides a vital perspective on the workforce challenges facing residents of all ages and socioeconomic backgrounds, and the direct service strategies that are successfully meeting the city’s workforce goals.

Public Sector Committee

The Public Sector Committee is the forum by which local government stakeholders advise WISF Board members on workforce development priorities facing the City and provide recommendations for meeting identified needs. The goal of the Public Sector Committee is to devise strategies to address current and future City workforce development needs, such as succession planning, and create strategic workforce connections between local government and industry, business, labor, educational institutions and community-based organizations to serve the needs of workers and employers in San Francisco.

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