Central Subway Project Construction Mitigation Program

Central Subway Project Directed Business Support

Invest In Neighborhoods (IIN) and the San Francisco Small Business Development Center (SBDC) provide free one-on-one business consulting services and resources to targeted merchants to help businesses continue to stay and grow in San Francisco.  IIN and SBDC do so by working with merchants affected by the Central Subway construction to develop a Business Action Plan.

Resources available to merchants include technical assistance, marketing, and grants for rent, utilities, and wages and to help a business complete physical improvements to their storefronts such as fixtures, furnishings and equipment painting, compliance with accessibility, and technology upgrades.  Additionally, merchants have access to funds to help develop and implement a Business Action Plan.  Merchants that qualify for funds are eligible to receive $5,000 - $10,000 per business based on the criteria listed below, the level of construction impact and previous Directed Business Support grant awards.  Businesses that are impacted also continue to have access to existing programs offered by the City and County of San Francisco.


To be eligible, businesses must be within the Central Subway construction impact zone, must be an active storefront business, and must have been established with no change in ownership on or prior to September 30, 2015.

Central Subway Construction Impact Zones: Construction sites and staging areas for large scale equipment/structure.

  • Chinatown Station:
    • Stockton Street between Sacramento Street and Jackson Street
    • Washington Street between Grant Ave and Powell Street
    • Powell Street from Clay Street to 1135 Powell Street
    • Clay Street between Grant Ave and Stockton Street
  • Union Square Station:
    • Stockton Street between Post to O’Farrell Street
  • Fourth and Brannan Station:
    •  Fourth Street between Bryant Street to Townsend Street

Directly Impacted: Construction that impacts and/or impedes visual or physical access to business including structures and large scale equipment for a period of six months or longer.

Indirectly Impacted: No physical or visual impediment in front of the storefront, but construction is within a one block radius of construction site that indirectly impacts the business corridor for a period of 12 months or longer.

Storefront: Ground floor street facing store.

Business Action Plan: A working document that identifies attainable objectives, specific business goals, resources, and steps that can be taken to further develop business skills and resiliency.  Small Business Development Center consultants are available to help business owners work through the objectives and goals to support the business’s long term sustainability and success.

To apply for the program, please download the application below and submit the completed document by December 31, 2019 to:

Attn:  Construction Mitigation Program
Office of Economic and Workforce Development
City Hall – 1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place, Rm. #448
San Francisco, CA  94102
Fax:  415-554-4565

PDF iconConstruction Mitigation Application (English and Chinese).pdf

The OEWD outreach team has organized workshops to provide program information and application technical assistance to businesses in the impacted zones.  Workshops have been scheduled for:

Friday, December 6, 2019 (2:00 - 4:00 pm)
Portsmouth Square Clubhouse
733 Kearny Street (Chinese translators will be available)

Tuesday, December 10, 2019
(2:00 - 4:00 pm)
Iron Cactus
683 4th Street

If you require an accommodation due to disability, or for free interpretation services, please submit your request 48 hours in advance of the meeting by contacting Jessica Qian Wan at (628) 652-6398 or via email at qian.wan@sfgov.org.

Please submit any inquiries regarding the program to:

Jessica Qian Wan
Direct:  628-652-6398

All award decisions are contingent upon budget approval and funding availability.  Only applications that are complete and meet eligibility requirements will be considered.

About the Small Business Development Center (SBDC)
The SBDC has consultants that help with financial management, access to capital, social media, accounting, and other business topics that help small business owners achieve long-term sustainability.



中央地鐵項目 特定商務支援

投資鄰里計劃(IIN)與三藩市小企業發展中心(SBDC)為特定商戶提供免費個別商務諮詢服務和資源,以協助企業在三藩市繼續營運和發展。IIN與SBDC 和中央地鐵工程影響商戶,合作制定商務行動計劃。

商戶可獲資源包括技術支援、市場行銷、租金水電費和工資補助,及協助企業完成商舖實體改善,如裝置、傢俱和設備粉飾、遵守殘障者通行法和提升營運技術。此外,商戶可申請撥款來制定和實施商務行動計劃。符合資格的商戶,將根據下述準則、工程影響級別和前次已取撥款,其商務可獲$5,000 - $10,000撥款。受影響企業還可繼續採用三藩市縣市的現有計劃。


企業必須在中央地鐵工程影響區內,必須是營運中的門向街道地面商舖,必須在 2015 年 9 月 30 日或以前在此地點營運和不曾更改擁有權。

  • 中央地鐵工程影響區 – 工程地點和大型設備/結構的中轉區:


  • 華埠站:
    • 市德頓街(Stockton St) - 界乎唐人街(Sacramento St)和昃臣街(Jackson St)
    • 華盛頓街(Washington St) - 界乎都板街(Grant Ave)和跑華街(Powell St)
    • 跑華街 - 從企李街(Clay St) 至跑華街1135號
    • 企李街 - 界乎都板街和市德頓街
  • 聯合廣場站市德頓街 - 界乎Post和O’Farrell街
  • 第4夾Brannan第4街 - 界乎Bryant和Townsend街
  • 直接影響工程影響和/或導致通行或視覺障礙至商舖,包括施工結構和大型設備,為期6個月或更長時間。
  • 間接影響沒有導致通行或視覺障礙至商舖,但施工區域在工程地點的一段街道半徑內而間接影響商業走廊,為期12 個月或更長時間。
  • 商舖門向街道地面商舖。
  • 商務行動計一份工作文檔,用於辨識可實現目的、特定商務目標、資源和可採取步驟來發展商業技能和彈性。SBDC的顧問可以協助企業擁有者實踐目的和目標,使企業達致長期永續和成功。



Attn:  Construction Mitigation Program
Office of Economic and Workforce Development
City Hall – 1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place, Rm. #448
San Francisco, CA  94102
Fax:  415-554-4565


星期五, 2019年12月6日 (下午2:00-4:00)
Portsmouth Square Clubhouse 
733 Kearny Street (中文翻譯將可用)

星期二2019年12月10日 (下午2:00-4:00)
Iron Cactus
683 4th Street

如果你因殘障⽽需要特別安排, 致電 628-652-6398 或發電郵 qian.wan@sfgov.org請於會議之前48小時提出要求。


Jessica Qian Wan
Direct: 628-652-6398
Email: qian.wan@sfgov.org