COVID-19 Program Highlights



San Francisco has committed more than $63 million in ongoing COVID-19 small business financial relief to support more than 3,000 small businesses.

Of the total funds, $5.9M is grant capital that has been disbursed and allocated, benefitting 1,525 businesses. $17.2M is allocated to programs that have not launched, or are currently open.

Of the total funds, $14.6M is loan capital that has been allocated to programs, of which $10.4M or 70% has been funded and approved benefitting 364 businesses. The remaining amount is allocated to programs that have not launched or to cover associated costs including program administration, loan guarantees, document fees, loan loss requirements, and interest buy-downs to achieve 0% interest.

The effects of COVID-19 on San Francisco small businesses and workers began weeks before the first Stay-At-Home Order on March 17. Chinatown began experiencing significant losses as early as January.

To support neighborhood businesses and workers impacted by COVID-19, the City launched its Resiliency Fund on March 12. It has since launched additional COVID-19 relief programs for small businesses, including: SF HELP, Neighborhood Mini-Grants, Women's Entrepreneurship Mini-Grants, and the African American Small Business Revolving Loan Fund.

All of these programs are designed to provide relief to the hardest-hit businesses and workers, and to help them sustain until they can safely reopen and go back to work. The programs include grants and loans and are supported by public and private partnerships, including generous donations to the City's Give2SF COVID-19 Response and Recovery Fund .

You can find more information about these programs and the impact they have had in the sections below. View a list of recipients so far. Additional awards are processed and distributed daily, we will add information as it becomes available.

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African American Small Business Revolving Loan Fund (applications under review)

List of Recipients