When an unforeseen event occurs that negatively impacts small businesses like COVID-19, the Invest In Neighborhoods Division of OEWD works with individual businesses to provide support and resources they may need to get them through this difficult time. Because of the disruptions that COVID-19 has created for our small business community, the COVID-19 Small Business Resiliency Fund was created. It allows impacted small business owners to access up to $10,000 for employee salaries and rent. This program is administered in partnership with Northeast Community Federal Credit Union


OEWD also works closely with other city departments to coordinate and connect recovery response between impacted businesses and City departments.


To be eligible for the COVID-19 Small Businesses Resiliency Fund, small businesses must:

  1. Have at least 1 employee and no more than 5 employees
  2. Demonstrate a loss of revenue of 25% or more
  3. Have less than $2,500,000 in gross receipts
  4. Be engaged in activities that are regulated by the City and County of San Francisco and have a license/permit associated to that regulation


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