Daggett project

Daggett Plaza

Project Overview

The almost one acre Daggett Plaza will be opening in Fall 2016 and is located in the Showplace Square area, right at the foot of Potrero hill, on 16th Street where it meets 7th Street. The site used to be home to the Gliden Paint factory. The surrounding area is lacking open space and is slated for substantial new development. Daggett Plaza will be a fully public open space on public land. It is being built and will be maintained by the adjacent property owner/developer, 1010 Potrero. The plaza will be proposed for stewardship under the new City-managed Plaza Program. Daggett Plaza will allow the Showplace area to realize one of the main community infrastructure needs, more open space to support local growth. The development project will also add 90 units of permanently affordable housing and 7,000 square feet of PDR.

Daggett Shared Public Way and Plaza:

  • Total area almost 0.9 acres
  • Daggett Plaza
  • Daggett Street shared public way

Amenities and design features include:

  • Ample seating opportunities
  • A fenced-off dog run
  • “Mission Marsh Bears”, a public art piece
  • One-way “Shared Public Way” to create a pedestrian-oriented environment while allowing vehicle access

Press Release

Wednesday, April 19, 2017