First Source Hiring Program Overview

First Source Hiring LogoHow Can First Source Help your Business?

  • The Workforce Development Division's Business Services Coordinator will provide recruitment services to find qualified and pre-screened candidates at no-cost.
  • This includes coordinating interviews with candidates and promoting open job opportunities. 
  • Additionally, you will receive access to City-wide recruitment facilities at no-cost.

What is First Source?

The First Source Hiring Program requires that developers, contractors, and employers utilize good faith efforts toward employing economically disadvantaged San Franciscan residents for entry-level positions on applicable projects. The Program provides a ready supply of qualified workers to employers with hiring needs, and it gives economically disadvantaged individuals the first opportunity to apply for entry-level jobs in San Francisco. It was enacted into law in 1998 under Chapter 83 of the City’s Administrative Code (the law was amended in 2004, 2006 and 2014).

Which Businesses are Required to Comply with First Source Hiring?

  • Cannabis related businesses;
  • Businesses who have Leases with the City on City Property;
  • Businesses with City contracts for goods, services, and grants in excess of $50,000;
  • Businesses with City issued public construction contracts in excess of $350,000;
  • Developers with building permit applications for residential projects over 10 units;
  • Any activities related to commercial activity over 25,000 sq. ft.

I need to comply with First Source and I am a non-construction business. Where do I start?

Note: If you are a construction business, refer to the First Source Requirements for Construction section below.

Step #1: Contact the Business Services Team at the Office of Economic and Workforce Development (OEWD), as they act as the City’s First Source Hiring Administrator. You can call them at 415-701-4848 and ask to speak with a member of the Business Services team, or you can send an email to
Step#2: Once you have connected with a member of the Business Services Team, they will provide instructions to register your business with the San Francisco Jobs Portal. This is an online database to track First Source job opportunities. As an employer, the San Francisco Jobs Portal will help you track hires and promote job openings.
Step #3: Once you have registered with the San Francisco Jobs Portal, you will be contacted by OEWD’s recruitment partner, Manpower Government Solutions, to assist with recruitment for your open positions.

Helpful Tips:

  • Businesses or non-profits who receive a non-construction or professional services contract from a City Department over $50,000, and all Cannabis businesses, are required to project the number of entry-level job openings they expect during the contract period. Once they determine the number, businesses can either forward that information to the First Source Hiring Administrator as soon as they are available using the First Source Projection Form (provide link), or by entering them in the San Francisco Jobs Portal.
  • Entry-level jobs are defined as non-managerial positions that require either no education above a high school diploma (or equivalency) OR no more than 2 years of specific training or work experience. 
  • Businesses that qualify are required to post their entry-level openings with First Source and offer the City the first opportunity to refer qualified candidates to those positions. 
  • While the ordinance does not require an employer to hire a specific candidate, it does require that employers make a good faith effort to hire referrals from the City’s workforce development system.

First Source Requirements for Construction:

For City issued construction contracts in excess of $350,000, or for private developments that fall within the scope of the Chapter 83 requirements, OEWD’s CityBuild Construction Training program is the operational arm of First Source in working with construction contractors to hire local residents for apprentice positions. 

For construction and related services, please contact us at (415) 701-4848 and ask to speak with one of our CityBuild Compliance Officers.

Forms, Fact Sheets and other Helpful Information

The forms listed below are not all inclusive and may differ slightly depending on specific contracts, leases, and/or other San Francisco related business investments.

First Source Hiring Program – Projection Form for Non-Construction Positions
PDF icon First Source Employer Projection Form 1.29.2019.pdf

First Source Hiring Program – Cannabis Positions
PDF iconCannabis Presentation_First Source Overview.pdf
PDF iconFirst Source Hiring Agreement for Cannabis Business.pdf

For more information for Cannabis Businesses, please refer to the San Francisco Office of Cannabis: 

First Source Hiring Program – Construction Positions
First Source Hiring Fact Sheet - Publicly Funded Construction (Revised 10. 2013) (PDF)
First Source Hiring Fact Sheet - Privately Funded Construction (Revised 9. 2013) (PDF)
CityBuild First Source Form 1 - Workforce Projections (Revised 7. 2013) (DOC)