Historic Preservation Fund Committee Grants

Historic Preservation Fund Committee GrantsWith input from the Historic Preservation Fund Committee (HPFC) and consult from the City Planning Department’s Preservation Unit, OEWD provides grants for preservation-related work in San Francisco. The Historic Preservation Fund Committee was created to help disburse funds ($2.5 million) from an account established by a settlement agreement signed by the Redevelopment Agency of the City and County of San Francisco, a public body corporation, San Franciscans Upholding the Downtown Plan, an unincorporated association and San Franciscans for Preservation Planning, a California political action committee.  

In February, 2005, a civil action was filed in San Francisco Superior Court, alleging that certain actions taken by the developer of the old Emporium site on Market Street contravened the Final Environmental Impact Report issued by the City and violated the California Environmental Quality Act. As a result of negotiations between the parties, the lawsuit was settled with the developer agreeing to provide $2.5 million to the City to be "used solely for historic preservation purposes, including but not limited to: education, feasibility studies, consultant services grants, monitoring of this Agreement, research and documentation for CEQA evaluations, nominations of properties to state or federal historic registers, architectural surveys sponsored by neighborhood organizations that would further preservation planning in San Francisco, legislative and administrative actions to implement such surveys, and other preservation advocacy oriented purposes in the City and County." In addition, the Mayor and the Redevelopment Agency agreed to a number of provisions aimed at improving policies and procedures effecting historic resources in San Francisco.

Pursuant to the Settlement Agreement, the Historic Preservation Fund is under the care of the Mayor's Office of Economic and Workforce Development (OEWD). The Agreement also calls for the creation of the Historic Preservation Fund Committee, composed of seven members, to make recommendations to OEWD regarding disbursement of the funds. The Mayor, the President of the Board of Supervisors, the Redevelopment Agency (now Office of Community Investment and Infrastructure), the Landmarks Preservation Advisory Board (now Historic Preservation Commission), San Franciscans for Preservation Planning, San Francisco Heritage, and San Francisco Beautiful shall each be entitled to appoint one member of the committee.

*Please note that the HPFC is not accepting funding requests at this time*

The funds shall be used solely for the historic preservation purposes, including:

Feasibility studies: architectural, structural, economic and planning
Research and documentation including the review of historic preservation determinations contained in CEQA evaluations
Nominations of properties to local, state and federal historic registers;
Historic context statements such as those related to potential historic districts and architectural surveys
Historic preservation education programs
Other preservation-oriented purposes
The funds should be utilized for a project that provides a public benefit and cannot be issued for a private purpose.

Notice of Funding Availability - NOFA (PDF) Revised as of July 15, 2013

Dennis Antenore - San Franciscans for Preservation Planning
Courtney Damkroger - Mayor 
Mike Buhler - San Francisco Heritage
Robert Cherny - Historic Preservation Commission
Gretchen Heckman - Office of Community Investment and Infrastructure, Acting as Successor to the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency
Mrs. G. Bland Platt - Board of Supervisors
Mark Ryser - San Francisco Beautiful

The Historic Preservation Fund Committee, composed of seven members, makes recommendations regarding disbursement of funds. Formal recommendations on funding requests, from the HPFC to OEWD, are made at publicly-noticed meetings. When they occur, these sessions are generally held on the fourth Monday of the month at 10:00am, in City Hall, Room 421.

Meeting Agendas

For questions regarding the Historic Preservation Fund Committee, please contact:
Jon Lau
(415) 554-6123