Industry Programs

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San Francisco has long been a beacon to people and companies who think outside the box. As a result, the City has become an international hub for a number of pioneering, forward-thinking industries including in life sciences, information technology, clean technology, manufacturing, fashion, nightlife, and international commerce.

Dedicated to continuing San Francisco's tradition of business excellence, OEWD's Business Development team provides specialized support to address the unique needs of businesses in a variety of key sectors. For emerging and established companies alike, our team serves as a centralized clearinghouse of information and services to support these industries’ ongoing success.

For information and direct assistance, contact the Business Development team members listed below.

Contact Sector



Laurel Arvanitidis
(415) 554-6471

Financial & Professional Services

Ben Van Houten
(415) 554-7038

Nightlife & Entertainment

Lex Leifheit
(415) 554-6959


Manish Goyal
(415) 554-5318

Clean Technology & Green Business
Life Sciences & Health Care

Mark Chandler
(415) 554-5628


Dylan Smith
(415) 554-4082

Production, Distribution, and Repair (PDR)


Susannah Greason Robbins
(415) 554-6241