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In December of 2010, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors approved amendments to Chapter 6.22(g) of the San Francisco Administrative Code and adopted the San Francisco Local Hiring Policy for Construction (“Policy”). The Policy became one of the strongest pieces of legislation in the country to promote the utilization of local residents on locally sponsored projects.

The Office of Economic and Workforce Development (OEWD) administers the Local Hiring Policy for Construction.

Projects Covered by the Local Hiring Policy

Public Works or improvement projects with an engineer's estimate of $600,000 or more and advertised for bid on or after March 25, 2011 are covered by the Local Hiring Policy for Construction.

City-funded construction projects covered by the Policy can be found on the Office of Contracts Administration website.

Trade Exemptions

The PDF icon Trade Exemptions List designates trades for which the Policy shall not be applicable. Work hours for designated trades are exempt from the requirements. Please review the PDF icon Criteria for Trade Exemption Summary for additional information.

CityBuild Employer Services

If you are an employer in the City of San Francisco and would like more information about CityBuild services for employers please visit the CityBuild Employer Services page. To download forms related to the Local Hiring Policy and other workforce hiring policies, please visit the CityBuild Workforce Forms page.

Local Hiring Forms Submission "How-To" Video

In an effort to assist contractors in submitting the required Local Hiring forms online via Elation Systems, OEWD has created a "How-To" video.

Local Hiring Annual Report

San Francisco Local Hiring Annual Report 2017Each year, OEWD produces a report detailing the performance and impact of the Policy.

Local Hiring Literature

Local Hire Fact Sheet (Current 30% Requirement)
Local Hire Q&A (PDF)
Local Hire Ordinance (PDF)
Sample Local Hire Bid Documents (PDF)
Local Hire Press Release from Mayor Ed Lee (PDF)
Local Hire Presentation (PDF)
Local Hire San Mateo Labor Market Analysis of SF Construction Industry - Oct 15, 2013 (PDF)
San Francisco and San Mateo Reciprocity Agreement (PDF)

Contact Us

Please contact OEWD at local.hire.ordinance@sfgov.org with your questions and comments regarding the Local Hiring Policy for Construction.