Property Information Map

You can find your property's zoning use district, height limits, permit history and much more on the San Francisco Property Information Map (

The San Francisco Planning Department created an innovative, user-friendly property information tool to provide a single access point for a variety of useful property data, zoning and project information. This map search tool and range of information it makes available, reflects the City's desire to use technology to provide easier access to information and better customer service. The increased ease of use will allows the public to find what they are searching for and much more, enabling users of the web page to become more informed about individual properties, what is going on in their community, as well as city-wide planning projects.

Among the useful records and resources available for each property:

  • Property Information (including Assessor's Reports and various Maps)
  • Zoning Information of the Property (including Zoning Districts and other Applicable Regulations)
  • Historic Preservation Records of the Property
  • Project History of the Property
  • Building Permit & Other Permit History of the Property
  • Enforcement Complaint Record of the Property