Recruitment Assistance

Are you struggling to find quality workers for your business? Wasting valuable time sorting through hundreds of resumes and interviewing people who aren’t right for the job? Seeking resources to help your business grow and prosper?

We know that finding good talent in a market like San Francisco can be a challenge, but the Business Services Team is here to help!

We will work with you to find the talent you need based on your specific requirements.  Through our database of thousands of local job seekers, as well as our network of partner organizations throughout San Francisco, we have access to talented candidates from diverse backgrounds with all levels of education and experience.

We customize our services for the needs of each business providing services that range from:

  • Presenting qualified and screened candidates that match your job requirements;
  • Assisting you in scheduling interviews in our recruitment facilities;
  • Hosting large mass recruitment events in targeted areas of San Francisco.

To receive more information about how Recruitment Services can help your business, email us at