San Francisco's Office of Economic and Workforce Development has compiled a plethora of information and resources to assist you with research on the City's CBD/BID program.

CBD Legislation

The CBD Legislation section provides the prevailing legislation, and a brief summary, of the prevailing legislation governing CBDs in California and San Francisco. This section includes information on

  • California Streets & Highways Code 36600 - 36671
  • San Francisco Business & Tax Regulations Code, Article 15
  • California Constitution Articles 13A, C, & D
  • The Brown Act

To find out more and to read this legislation, please click here.

Property Information Map

You can find your property's zoning use district, height limits, permit history and much more on the San Francisco Property Information Map. This tool will also provide you with each property's APN, necessary for Property Owner Information Request Forms, and allows you to view a  given property's recorded document history.

Among the useful records and resources available for each property:

  • Property Information (including Assessor's Reports and various Maps)
  • Zoning Information of the Property (including Zoning Districts and other Applicable Regulations)
  • Historic Preservation Records of the Property
  • Project History of the Property
  • Building Permit & Other Permit History of the Property
  • Enforcement Complaint Record of the Property

To find out more about the Property Information Map, please click here.

Business Database

San Francisco's Registered Business database is maintained by the Office of Treasurer-Tax Collector. This database includes business locations that have been sold, closed, or moved out of San Francisco.

For more information on how San Francisco's Business Database, including a guide on usage, please click here.

Legislative Research Center

The Legislation Research Center provides a listing of all the legislation that has been posted to InSite, this listing can be narrowed down by using the search features in the module either independently or jointly.

The Legislative Research Center will allow you to:

  • Search for legislation by assigned committee, sponsor, department, date introduced, and other additional criteria.
  • Monitor the current status of any introduced legislation
  • Produce committee-specific or general lists of all pending legislation
  • Display and print the text of any pending legislation
  • For legislation heard by a committee or the Board, run video, audio or obtain a transcript of the hearing held
  • Easily list legislation sponsored by any member of the Board of Supervisors
  • Request to be alerted in the event legislation of interest is scheduled for hearing or changes in any way

For more information on the Legislative Research Center, please click here.

Lot Line Map

This Lot Line Map allows the public to review how parcels are split. This tool allows the public to review mapping information to review parcel changes.

For more information on the Lot Line Map, including a guide on usage, please click here.

Assessment Collection

Property assessments are collected via the Office of the Treasurer/Tax Collector. Assessments are typically billed with each property bill paid to the City and County of San Francisco. Additionally, one can pay their property assessment online via the Treasurer/Tax Collector's website.

More information regarding assessment collection can be found here.