San Francisco Sister Cities


Osaka, Japan -- Established 1957
Osaka, Japan’s third largest city, is the heart of the Kansai Region, one of the leading economic areas of the world and is considered to be one of the world leaders in Robotics. San Francisco and Osaka celebrated the 50th Anniversary of the Sister City friendship in 2007 with a series of cultural and exchange events throughout the year, including the naming of Buchanan Street in San Francisco as “Osaka Way.”

Sydney, Australia -- Established 1968
Sydney is the largest city in Australia and the capital of New South Wales.The Koala Bears at the SF Zoo are a legacy of this Sister City friendship.

Taipei, Taiwan -- Established 1969
Taipei is the largest city on the island of Taiwan and is one of the major economic centers of Asia. The Chinese pavilion located at Stow Lake in Golden Gate Park is a gift to the citizens of San Francisco from the City of Taipei.

Assisi, Italy -- Established 1969
This small hill town in Italy was home to St. Francis of Assisi, for whom our city is named. San Franciscans have organized special programs and resources for the restoration of Assisi’s buildings which were damaged in recent years by an earthquake.

Haifa, Israel -- Established 1973
Haifa is one of Israel’s leading business and research cities and also a major tourist destination. Perched on the coast, a special “San Francisco” park is located on the heights above the city.

Seoul, Republic of Korea -- Established 1975
Seoul is the capital city of Korea and also the business, governmental and educational center of the country. The annual Hi-Seoul Festival hosts San Francisco arts and cultural groups.

Shanghai, People’s Republic of China -- Established 1979
Shanghai is the major business and financial center of the People’s Republic of China with a population over 18 million. Judicial and government exchanges, business management fellowships and a Chinese Garden in San Francisco are currently underway between these two cities.

Manila, Philippines -- Established 1981
Manila is the capital city and also the business, economic, academic and cultural center of the Philippines. In addition to on-going educational and artistic exchanges, over 130 San Francisco citizens visited Manila in December 2006 as part of the largest bilateral municipal exchange project between our two countries.

Cork, Ireland -- Established 1984
Cork is the second largest city in Ireland and is rapidly becoming one of the high-tech and research centers for that country. This relationship was vital in bringing Ireland’s national airline, Aer Lingus, to SFO, initiating nonstop SFO-Ireland service for the first time in history

Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire -- Established 1986
Abidjan is often considered the major business and cultural city of West Africa and is San Francisco’s only African Sister City. This past year saw the first ever visit of the Governor (Mayor) of Abidjan to the United States who worked with our city to establish new educational and economic development exchange programs.

Thessaloniki, Greece -- Established 1990 
Thessaloniki is Greece’s second largest city and one of its major commercial and tourism centers.

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam -- Established 1995
Ho Chi Minh City is the largest city in Vietnam and the commercial center of the country. As the first U.S-Vietnam Sister City relationship, this program has broken ground with continuing library exchanges, medical and nurse exchange programs and commercial support programs.

Paris, France -- Established 1997
Connecting two of the most beautiful cities on earth is a natural Sister City tie. As two of the great cultural cities of the world, exchanges in the arts, cultural and governmental best practices are on-going.

Zurich, Switzerland -- Established 2003
As research centers for their respective continents and also as the leading biotech regions of the world, the SF-Zurich relationship has focused on academic and research collaborations. Both cities also share “best practices” programs and artistic exchanges.

Bangalore, India -- Established 2009
Bangalore, the capital of the Indian state of Karnataka, as well the country's fifth largest city; is rapidly becoming known as the Silicon Valley of India, accounting for more than 35 percent of the country's software exports. Both the San Francisco based French American International School, in partnership with the Indus International School of Bangalore have recently begun a cooperative education effort through both student and faculty exchange programs, as well as many other joint initiatives.

Krakow, Poland -- Established 2009
Krakow is the second largest city in Poland and is world famous for its beauty and history. It is also considered one of the educational and research centers of Poland. This new partnership has focused largely on cultural and educational exchanges building new ties between Bay Area and Krakow institutions.

Amman, Jordan -- Established 2010
As the capital and main economic, political, cultural and academic hub for Jordan, the Amman-SF partnership has been building exchanges in all areas of our society. Education and infrastructure cooperation is leading this friendship effort.

Barcelona, Spain -- Established 2010
Barcelona, the capital of the Catalonia Region and a major commercial and cultural center is San Francisco’s most recent Sister City. Already numerous exchanges in the arts, government and business have been completed and joint cooperation on Smart Cities is already taking place. A major target of this relationship is to build a nonstop air link between our two world class cities.

Kiel, Germany -- Established 2017

Kiel is the capital and most populous city in the northern German state of Schleswig-Holstein. Kiel has become one of the major maritime centers of Germany. The city is known for a variety of international sailing events, including the annual Kiel Week, which is the biggest sailing event in the world. The Olympic sailing competitions of the 1936 and the 1972 Summer Olympics were held in Bay of Kiel. There is also an active startup scene in Kiel.