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To date, San Francisco has distributed over $8.5m in loans to the San Francisco Hardship Emergency Loan Program (SF HELP) to support 227 small businesses.


The San Francisco Hardship Emergency Loan Program (SF HELP) was developed in collaboration with Main Street Launch and Mission Economic Development Agency (MEDA) to respond to financial instability caused by business disruption due to COVID-19. SF HELP loans up to $50,000 are zero-interest, with no fees, personal guarantees, or collateral requirements.


The program was created in April 2020 and since then has funded 227 small businesses with $8.5 million in loans and programming. As of November 9th, 2020, SF HELP has assisted in retaining over 728 jobs in predominantly women- and minority-owned businesses.

This page will be updated with new data as it becomes available.

GOAL: Support diverse businesses in all neighborhoods

SF HELP is the City’s largest COVID-19 financial relief program and was intentionally developed to reach businesses all across San Francisco. Businesses that received loans represent 30 neighborhoods across the city.


SF HELP loans have been distributed to every district in San Francisco


SF HELP provided loans to businesses citywide



GOAL: Help businesses prevent layoffs and continue paying their employees

SF HELP was open to San Francisco businesses with up to 500 employees, with an annual revenue limit of $2.5M, enabling the program to support a larger total number of workers. Nearly one in five businesses that have received SF HELP loans have five or more employees.


728 Jobs have been retained so far because of SF HELP



GOAL: Extend access to City financial relief to all business types

SF HELP has reached businesses in more industries than any other City COVID-19 financial relief program. Businesses across 24 sectors including Bars, Dry Cleaners, Health Services, and Manufacturers, have received loans.

Businesses in over 20 industries received SF HELP loans

Businesses in over 20 industries received SF HELP loans



GOAL: Provide targeted financial support to women and entrepreneurs of color.

SF HELP aimed to serve historically underserved communities and reach women- and minority-owned businesses who traditionally have more limited access to capital. To date, the program has successfully supported 288 women- and minority-owned businesses, representing the vast majority of loans awarded to date.


SF HELP provided targeted support to women and entrepreneurs of color



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