Southern Bayfront

Southern Bayfront

Project Overview

The Southern Bayfront is a collection of dynamic neighborhoods, vibrant communities, and a large and multi-faceted waterfront, spanning from Mission Creek to Candlestick Point – almost 5 miles along the southeastern waterfront. Proposed investments seek to revitalize underutilized waterfront properties, transform them into assets for the community, and create new places to live, work, and create on former industrial, non-residential land.

OEWD is leading development negotiations with each of the proposed projects in the Southern Bayfront. In coordination with key City departments, OEWD is developing a negotiating framework for these projects to guide the major new investment towards community and citywide public benefits such as affordable housing, open space, and sea level rise protections.

Negotiating framework focus areas: Housing Affordability, Transportation, Sea Level Rise Protection, Open Space, Sustainability, Economic and Workforce Development, Community Facilities


Proposed Projects:

  • Pier 70
  • Mission Rock
  • India Basin
  • NRG (former PG&E Potrero Power Plant)
  • PG&E Hunters Point Power Plant

Key Projects

Mission Rock, Warriors Stadium, Pier 70, NRG Site, PG&E Site, India Basin, Hunters Point Shipyard and Candlestick Park, and Executive Park. Collectively, these projects will create:

  • 20,000 households with 33%, or 6,700, affordable households
  • 35,000 jobs across a mix of sectors including office, retail and PDR
  • 520+ acres of new and renovated open space

The Southern Bayfront strategy will use targeted negotiation to leverage proposed investment towards coordinated community and city-wide public benefits, with a focus on the following areas:

  • Housing Affordability
  • Transportation
  • Sea Level Rise Protection
  • Open Space
  • Sustainability
  • Economic and Workforce Development
  • Community Facilities