Recognized worldwide as the Innovation Capital of the World, San Francisco continues to be the location of choice for cutting edge companies. By locating in San Francisco, these businesses find themselves with some of their largest and most respected contemporaries nearby.

San Francisco lays claim to the largest, most innovative high-tech workforce in the world. From cutting-edge Web 2.0 firms to leading Silicon Valley companies, hundreds of high-tech companies have leveraged the San Francisco workforce advantage and call San Francisco home including: Autodesk, CBS Interactive, Pinterest, Riverbed,, Twitter and Zendesk. San Francisco is also a great place for a young tech company to get started. With more than 10 incubators and 30-plus co-working spaces, San Francisco is currently cultivating the next breakout startup.

But it’s not just tech companies locating here; many major companies are locating their innovation offices in San Francisco including American Eagle, Coca-Cola,, McDonalds, Verizon and Visa. These companies know that by locating their innovation teams in San Francisco they will have access to the best companies and workforce for their businesses.

San Francisco’s world-class lifestyle and vibrant, highly creative culture make it easy to attract and retain top-tier knowledge workers from all over the world. And, thanks to top notch educational institutions including San Francisco State University, University of California San Francisco, University of San Francisco, and OEWD’s TechSF workforce training program, the City is already cultivating the young talent needed to keep the industry fresh and flourishing far into the future.

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