Technology Industry Employer Services


Technology Industry Employer Services

Resources for Employers in the Technology Industry

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TechSF™ aims to close the tech sector skills gap by tapping new talent pipelines for the industry. Are you a company looking for tech talent? We’re here to help.

TechSF serves businesses in all sectors with unique opportunities to engage our tech talent pool by:

  • Supporting talent pipeline development for meeting the region’s most in-demand occupations within tech
  • Connecting industry to Apprenticeship opportunities
  • Offering Work-Based Learning opportunities that connect students and jobseekers to industry
  • Local training and education partnerships to meet specific talent demands

TechSF™ is an initiative of the Office of Economic and Workforce Development. Interested in seeing what TechSF is up to? Follow us on LinkedIn!


Pledge to provide tech career pathways

TechSF Apprenticeship

Looking to start Apprenticeship at your tech company? Start by learning more information on how your business can partner with TechSF Apprenticeship. 

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Ways to Get Involved

TechSF Connect

Engage Students

Expose students at San Francisco Unified School District and City College of San Francisco. 

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Training Program

Education and Training Programs

TechSF provides opportunities for anyone interested in a career in technology. From the exploratory tech learner to the well-versed programmer who is looking to gain a competitive edge, TechSF has opportunities for up-skilling and job placement available. Learn more about our network of training and employment services.

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