Union Square

Established in 1999, the Union Square business improvement district (BID) was the first in San Francisco. The BID successfully renewed for an additional five year term starting in 2005. In 2009, the USBID renewed a second time and expanded its services to include marketing, public realm beautification, and advocacy. The most recent 10-year reauthorization on July 9, 2019, expanded the district’s boundaries, which now encompasses 620 parcels. The Union Square BID enhances the experiences of visitors to the area by continuing to provide the maintenance and public safety services originally offered. In addition, the BID will maintain Union Square’s standing as a premier retail, hotel and theater district and favorite visitor destination through marketing, advocacy and beautification programs.

For more information on the BID's previous term that expired on June 30, 2019, please click here. 

Annual Investments

  • Cleaning & sidewalk maintenance
  • Public safety (10 B Officer Program)
  • Community relations (Ambassador Program)
  • Public Realm Beautification and Activations
  • Destination Marketing and Events
  • Advocacy


The Union Square BID covers approximately 27 whole or partial blocks of the Union Square area. It is generally bordered on the north by Bush Street, on the east by Kearny Street, on the south by Market Street, and on the west by Taylor and Mason Streets.


District Map

Please click the following link for a PDF version of the map.


Karin Flood, Executive Director 
323 Geary Street, Suite 203
San Francisco, CA 94102