Why Choose SF

Why Choose SF to Start, Stay, and Grow

San Francisco is one of the most innovative, enterprising and intelligent cities in the world. Its unique combination of geographical beauty and dynamic, creative environment draws the brightest minds from all over the world; 70% of San Franciscans over 18 have received training beyond high school, and nearly 50% speak a language other than English. The result is an unmatched natural and cultural diversity that continues to contribute to the forward-thinking, open-minded atmosphere for which the City is famous.

What’s more: the City of San Francisco has been consistently ranked as the “Best City in the U.S.” and the business world tends to agree; throughout its history, San Francisco has attracted entrepreneurs from around the world and is home to some of the most highly regarded businesses. With six fortune 500 companies, a long history of established companies in the business and professional services sectors, 1900+ technology companies, 120+ biotech companies and 200+ cleantech companies, San Francisco is the Innovation Capital of the world.

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San Francisco: Where the World Changes from SF Economic & Workforce Devel on Vimeo.

And we think our businesses say it best…

square logo“We’re grateful for San Francisco’s commitment to technology, and we’re thrilled the City will remain our home. Square businesses have already facilitated more than $300 million in commerce in San Francisco, and there’s so much more we can do to make a difference in the City and around the world.”
-Jack Dorsey, Co-Founder and CEO


health ceramics logo“We’re thrilled to be building on a dream and continuing our commitment to local, artisan manufacturing. We are, and have been since 1948, a California company. With the need for more space to create and innovate, we looked to San Francisco and this neighborhood because of its history as a center of manufacturing and production, and its current reputation as a center for creativity and design.”
- Catherine Bailey and Robin Petravic, Co-Owners


celgene logo"Celgene has expanded its Research and Development at a number of sites both in the USA and Europe; in particular we have chosen to expand in San Francisco. Mission Bay captures the essence of innovation. Here we have the access to top scientists, physicians, small and large biotech firms that are defining the industry."
-Kristin M. Hege, M.D., Celgene, Vice President - Translational Development, Hematology & Oncology

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