WISF Board Orientation Guide - For Current and Prospective Board Members

To follow are resources for current board members and prospective board members regarding annual Ethics Filings, Sunshine and Ethics Trainings, roles and responsibilities as a board member, Statement of Incompatible Activities.

Roles and Responsibilities:

The document below provides an overview of the board, board responsibilities, qualifications of WISF members, board structure and composition, and yearly meeting schedule.
PDF icon WISF Board Member Roles & Responsibilities_September 2016.pdf
PDF icon 2021 WISF Meeting Schedule

Workforce Strategic Plan 2013-2017:

In 2009, the WISF adopted its initial Workforce Strategic Plan, setting San Francisco on a clear path to meeting the workforce needs of its residents. The Plan established a vision and mission for the City's workforce system.

Download a copy of the Workforce Strategic Plan below:
PDF icon 103-Workforce Strategic Plan 2013-2017.pdf

Annual Statement of Economic Interests (Form 700):

All appointed board members are required to E-File the Statement of Economic Interest (Form 700) with the San Francisco Ethics Commission within 30 days of assuming office, annually thereafter, and when leaving office. In March 2017, the Ethics Commission launched a new E-Filing functionality for filing Sunshine Ordinance Declaration and Certificate of Ethics Training, using the same system (Netfile) that supports e-filing for Form 700. As a part of that effort they have also embedded the online trainings (Ethics and Sunshine) within NetFile so that filers can complete all of the requirements in one place. 

The Statement of Economic Interest (Form 700) is required for all appointed board members within 30 days of appointment. City officers and designated employees are required to disclose reportable financial interests by filing Statement of Economic Interests (SEI), also known as Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) Form 700. These public filings help officials and employees monitor their financial interests, identify when those interests might conflict with their government actions, and take steps to avoid conflicts of interests.  

Please visit sfethics.org for more information.      
The Form 700 description can be found here: Ethics Commission's Form 700
The Sunshine and Ethics training information can be found on the Ethics Commission's Sunshine and Ethics training webpage
Link to Ethics Commission's disclosure page (to look up your past Form 700 filings, and Sunshine and Ethics Trainings)

Statement of Incompatible Activities:

PDF icon Mayors_Office_on_Economic_and_Workforce_Development_SIA.pdf

Board Bylaws:

PDF icon WISF Bylaws Amendment_Final Approved_6.12.19

For more information about the WISF, please contact:

Office of Economic and Workforce Development
1 South Van Ness Avenue, 5th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94103
(415) 701-4848