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December 14, 2005


Wednesday, December 14, 2005 at 9:30 a.m.
City Hall
1 Dr. Carlton Goodlett Place, Rm. 421


The meeting was called to order at 9:40 a.m. by Committee Chair, Charles Chase.

Present:  Dennis Antenore  (SFPP)  Mrs. G. Bland Platt (BOS)
Charles Chase (SF Heritage)  Mark Ryser  (SF Beautiful)
Alan Martinez (LAPB)  

Absent:  Tony Irons (Mayor)
Joanne Sakai (SFRA)

Moved by Mrs. Platt and seconded by Mr. Antenore, the minutes of November 9, 2005 were unanimously approved as amended.


Committee Administrator Jill Lerner reported that all contracts for funding from the Historic Preservation Fund will be subject to all City contracting requirements; she also reported that interest accruing to the Historic Preservation Fund may become part of the General Fund and that resolution of the issue is a policy matter for the Board and the Mayor.  Mrs. Platt will speak with Supervisor Peskin about allowing the interest remain with the principal.

Rich Hillis, MOEWD, explained differences between RFPs, RFQs and NOFAs; he believes that a Notice of Funding Availability is the best form for soliciting contracts for preservation funding.  Mr. Hillis also announced that the time required for entering into a contract is 30 to 60 days.

Mrs. Platt:  the Committee might want to send out more than one NOFA, with specific amounts attached, e.g., $2K, $5K, $10K.

Mr. Ryser:  wants staff to create a scope of activities for the Committee and put it on next month’s agenda.  He asked Mr. Hillis to draft language that clarifies what responsibilities are assigned to the Planning Dept. and which responsibilities are under the purview of this committee. 

Historic Preservation Fund Committee
December 14, 2005
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Mrs. Platt:  Committee should fund survey work but does not want Committee to lose track of commitments made by the Mayor on behalf of the Planning Dept. in the letter to attorney, Susan Brandt-Hawley.

Both Mr. Ryser and Mrs. Platt expressed an interest in following up on the item in the aforementioned Mayor’s letter regarding penalties/remedies for violations or historic preservation requirements.  Mr. Hillis agreed that his office would convene a meeting to discuss penalties/remedies.  Mrs. Platt and Mr. Martinez volunteered to represent the Committee at the meeting.

Mrs.Platt requested an update from the Planning Dept. re its ongoing response to the Mayor’s letter since September.


Mark Luellen, Planning Dept., presented the FY 2005-2006 Preservation Survey Budget along with the Comprehensive Citywide Cultural Resources Survey Program.  He announced that the department had $250K to spend and would issue an RFP for the survey work.  Mr. Chase thanked Mr. Luellen for the document, saying it would help the public understand how the funds would be spent.

Moses Corrette, also of the Planning Department, reported on IT issues and on the  Historical Resource Database.


a. RFP & Survey Subcommittee:  wants to hire a consultant to establish standards/framework for issuing the RFP for surveys.  Wants to use consultant services to develop the volunteer component of the Citywide Survey Program.  This item will be on the next meeting agenda for review and comment.
b.  IT Subcommittee, Mr. Martinez reporting:  solicited two proposals for specifications for Planning Department database; he asked the Committee to review and discuss the proposals at the next meeting.


Molly Martin and Terry Milne, Bernal Heights Preservation Association introduced themselves and announced the ’06 Centennial activities their group will be sponsoring.


The meeting was adjourned at 11:55 a.m.

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