The Invest in Neighborhoods Initiative, one of the 17 points of Mayor Lee’s plan for jobs and economic opportunity, provides focused, customized assistance to meet the specific needs of San Francisco’s neighborhood commercial corridors. To learn more, visit www.investsf.org.

Invest in Neighborhoods Vision
San Francisco’s neighborhood commercial districts will be economically thriving, safe, resilient, sustainable, and meet the needs of local residents.

Invest in Neighborhoods aims to strengthen and revitalize neighborhood commercial districts around the City by marshaling and deploying resources from across multiple departments and nonprofit partners. These  include existing services, such as the Small Business Revolving Loan Fund, SF Shines, and streetscape improvements, and brand new services such as a citywide vacancy tracking system, the Jobs Squad, and a neighborhood improvement grant program.

Every neighborhood commercial district is different and has its own unique needs, opportunities and challenges. Invest in Neighborhoods aims to deploy the specific services and resources that are most needed in each district.

Invest in Neighborhoods is focused on 25 neighborhood commercial districts that were selected based on input from community members, City staff, members of the Board of Supervisors, and the Mayor. Priority was given to neighborhoods demonstrating economic need, potential for economic growth, and/or existing social capital. Additional commercial districts may be added to the program in subsequent fiscal years, particularly as some phase one corridors achieve economic and community development goals and ‘graduate’ from the program.

For more information, download the Invest in Neighborhoods Fact Sheet.

To learn more about some of the customized services being deployed across neighborhoods download some department and partner agency toolkits:

Office of Economic and Workforce Development

Neighborhood Economic Development Organizations

SF Planning Department

SF Municipal Transportation Agency

SF Department of Public Works

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