Spotlight - Recognizing our Administrative Team

December & Janurary Spotlight

At Workforce Development, we are lucky to have an amazing administrative aide team and talented interns who keep our office humming. We'd like to recognize their contributions to the team, and share some background information about their their experience working at our office. Our interns and administrative aides are in various training programs that partner with Workforce Development to gain skills that will help them with their career aspirations in San Francisco.

Teresa Rondone, Administrative Aide

Teresa Rondone, Administrative Aide

1) Where are you from? I was born AND raised in San Francisco (with pride). My family has a wholesale chips and salsa company called Casa Sanchez. I am a twin. I care deeply about the roots of this City and maintaining them!

2) How long have you worked at Workforce Development? Approximately nine and a half months.

3) What is your favorite part of the job? Helping clients find work, learning about non-profit funding, about all the people I work with and what they do, and learning about Workforce’s role in San Francisco.

4) What do you feel is the most valuable thing you have learned in the office that will help you with other jobs? I have learned so much here such as the different programs we offer, grants and RFP’s, how to work on a team, how to use Microsoft Office Suite, and many other programs. Most of all, I have learned how to have a strong work ethic and good customer service from my supervisor Lauran Acevedo!

5) How many job offers have you received? Two and counting!



Rolina Wang, Administrative Aide

Rolina Wang Administrative Aide

1) Where are you from, and what is your background? I am a new immigrant in America and have international professional experience. I worked with the Philippine government and then lived and worked in China for many years with my Chinese family. Living abroad helped me understand that life is all about the quality of our relationships with people. We should learn to respect cultural differences and let everyone live  with dignity and co-exist harmoniously.

2) How long have you worked at Workforce Development? Approximately two months.

3) What is your favorite part of the job? My favorite part of my job is being surrounded by the Workforce Development Team who are doing their utmost to solve San Francisco Workforce barriers by developing programs and collaborating with non-profit organizations that will benefit the community. Witnessing first hand the planning, preparation, and presentation of WISF Board Meeting and Bidder's Conference for RFP, I feel very grateful for this opportunity to work with them. It inspires me to strive harder, learn more, and be involved in building a harmonious and successful community. 

4) What do you feel is the most valuable thing you have learned in the office that will help you with other jobs? Relevant skills in the same field and treating everyone with respect and empathy by providing them the best customer service whether they are clients or co-workers. Everyone is important. Every interaction matters. 

5) How many job offers have you received? I've received a few job offers from Chinese companies. 



David Galdamez, Mayor's Internship Program

David Galdamez Mayor's Internship Program

1) How long have you worked for Workforce? I have been working with the Workforce Department since August of 2016.

2) What is your favorite part of the job? My favorite part of the job is interacting with the employees because they are friendly and very insightful with their advice and conversations. I also enjoy the challenges and rewards of helping out my immediate supervisor and how she helps me understand issues that are new to me. This keeps me alert and on my toes which makes my day very interesting and exciting.

3) What do you feel is the most valuable thing you have learned in the office that will help you with other jobs? Learning how to positively and professionally interact with new people that have different personalities, and most importantly, paying attention to details when giving a certain task or assignment. This is something that this office does not take for granted. Even though it sounds very simple, but paying attention to details and following instructions is something that will be very useful an important in my future employment.

4) How many job offers have you received? To this day, I have not received any job offers. However, I have a positive attitude, and I am being patient and persistent when applying to job openings. Hopefully, I will receive a job offer very soon.

5) Where are you from and is there anything about your background that you’d like to share with us? I grew up in Oakland, moved to Vallejo in my late teens, and I graduated from the University of San Francisco with a B.A. in Politics and Legal Studies not too long ago. In addition, I have been working for the Recology Company since the age of 21. Many people do not know that since I was a teenager my passion was to fly small jet airplanes. I began that journey by taking a ground school course, which is the first step to earning a private pilot license. However for now, being in the sky flying little Cessna airplanes is on hold. 



Carmelite Buenaventura, Intern

Carmelite Buenaventura - Intern

 1) How long have you worked for Workforce? Three years.

 2) What is your favorite part of your job? The people at Workforce Development. 

 3) What are you learning in your role? I like the variety of projects I am given such as mass mailings, organizing files, assisting with mail, and working with the Administrative Team.

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