Reopening Updates for Businesses and Workplaces Impacted by COVID-19

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UPDATE: 7/17 - San Francisco announces next steps on controlling spread of COVID-19 and continuing pause on reopening

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As health indicators continue to move in the right direction, the State and City are working toward a smart, phased reopening of our economy. The four phases below are informed by the varying COVID-19 health risks of reopening and the safety measures available to different types of businesses.
San Francisco vs CA Reopening Phases (updated 7.23.20)

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The nature of COVID-19 disease spread is dynamic. There are five key health indicators that the City uses to monitor the level of COVID-19 in our community and assess the ability of our health care system to respond to the pandemic. These indicators are not an on/off switch for reopening, but allow public health experts to consider various policy changes and make recommendations during each stage of the City’s reopening plan. This means the City must continuously re-evaluate direction to keep San Franciscans safe.

View COVID-19 Data for San Francisco.




Reopening Status and Guidance by Business Type:
Under the State order, more restrictive local orders based on local conditions may remain in place and must be followed. The table below addresses certain business types where additional clarification may be helpful and provides updates and links to detailed guidance from the SF City Attorney and SF Department of Public Health where available.


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Shared Spaces Program* NEW *

Businesses can apply for no-cost, expedited permits to share space for business operations like seating, dining, or retail.

Sidewalk or Parking Lanes: Learn More and Apply Here
Street Space: Learn More and Apply Here
Port Space: Learn More and Apply Here
Park Space: Apply Here


Retail Curbside/Storefront Pickup ━ EXPANDED 5/18
Starting May 18, curbside/storefront pickup expanded to most retail businesses. More information and requirements can be found here.


Economic Recovery Task Force ━ ESTABLISHED 4/2
Starting April 2, the task force was established to work with the Mayor and City departments to develop a thoughtful, phased reopening of our economy. Check out their latest presentation.

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In order to reopen, businesses must:

1) Post a Health and Safety Plan. You can view a completed sample for reference, and download fillable Health and Safety Plan forms by industry:

2) Post a Social Distancing Protocol.
3) F
ollow the Face Covering Order by a) posting signage about the requirements to wear face coverings, b) taking reasonable steps to only give access to those with face coverings, and c) refusing service to anyone not wearing a face covering.



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Stay at Home Guidance and all the coronavirus public health orders
Free COVID-19 Testing