Chancellor Rocha

Chancellor Rocha WISF Board Member

On July 1, 2017, Mark Rocha began his service as the 23rd Chancellor since City College of San Francisco was founded in 1935. Dr. Rocha is also the first Latino to be appointed Chancellor. Born and raised in the South Bronx,New York City, earliest memories are of his father using his Korea GI Bill benefits to attend night school at Columbia University. "I'm for the little guy," Dr. Rocha says. "Myparents started without anything, but they saw to it I went to college. The American Dream is my life story. It's still alive and well at CCSF.”

Ann Weeby

Ann Weeby WISF Board Member

Ann works to make a more diverse, inclusive, and equitable workforce that improves the lives of individuals and the companies that employ them. She currently serves as Director, Workforce Innovation at Salesforce connecting underserved populations to technology job training and employment opportunities. 

Aaron Michel

Aaron Michel WISF Board Member

Aaron Michel is an operating partner at 1984 Ventures. Prior to that co-founded PathSource, a venture-backed careertech company that was acquired in 2017. He also created the online civics game Fantasy Politics during the lead up to the 2012 election. He has been named an Innovation Rockstar by the Boston Business Journal and Mass High Tech. Aaron has been a columnist for Lifehack and has written for and been covered by Entrepreneur, Inc. Magazine, USA Today, SV Magazine and a range of other business outlets.

Charley Lavery

Charley Lavery - WISF Board Member

Charley Lavery is District Representative and Auditor with the International Union of Operating Engineers Local 3, representing Heavy Equipment Operators, Surveyors and Construction Materials Inspectors, as well as Caltrans workers. He worked over 20 years in the field on large Infrastructure projects including the retrofit of the Golden Gate Bridge, BART to SFO, and the New Bay Bridge. He joined the Staff of Local 3 in 2006 and he now directs their San Francisco, San Mateo and Marin operations. Charley has worked with CBOs to recruit over 250 individuals for the OE3 Apprenticeship.

Theresa Woo

Theresa Woo

For over 21 years, Theresa Woo has assisted jobseekers with disabilities at the Department of Rehabilitation. She is currently serving as the District Administrator of the San Francisco District serving San Francisco, San Mateo and Marin Counties.  In her long tenure, Theresa built employment collaborations with universities, community colleges, high school districts, county mental health programs, and community agencies.  Prior to working at DOR, she worked as a program coordinator at HOPE Services, serving adults with developmental disabilities.