WISF Board Members


WISF Membership:

As mandated by the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), the WISF will be comprised of the following mandated entities:

  • Business: 51%
  • Workforce - Labor and Community Based Organizations: 20%
  • Economic Development: One (1) member
  • Higher Education: One (1) member
  • WIOA Title II – Adult Education and Literacy: One (1) member
  • Title III – State Employment Service Office: One (1) member
  • Title IV – Vocational Rehabilitation Program: One (1) member

WIOA also allows for the following optional entities:

  • Local Education Agencies and Community Based Organizations.
  • Entities administering programs serving the local area in housing, transportation or public assistance.
  • Philanthropic organizations serving the local area.

Further, City legislation and policy stipulates that the Mayor appoint two (2) members of the Board of Supervisors to the WISF with the intention that they represent relevant committees of the board such as Budget & Finance and Land Use & Economic Development. Additionally, the Mayor may appoint other members at his or her discretion.