Finding Opportunity in a Booming Tech World

Jorge Ortiz, MEDA Mission Techie

Mission Economic Development Agency (MEDA) is a community based organization located in San Francisco’s Mission District. Since 1973, MEDA has worked to improve economic and social conditions for San Francisco’s low- and moderate-income residents, with primarily Latino families as their target population and client base. In partnership with OEWD, MEDA offers programming that encourages our City’s youth to be empowered and involved in industries, such as tech.

First in the Family to Attain a High School Diploma

James, RAMP Participant, SFCC High School Graduate & Julia, SFCC/John Muir Charter School Teacher

A primary component of the RAMP program is assisting students in attaining their GED or High School Diploma. 

At a recent SFCC Community Meeting where James was presented with his diploma, he stared speechless at it for quite some time before saying, “I never thought I would see this day. I thought I would be dead or locked up – I never thought I would be able to finish High School. I am the first person in my family to get a Diploma.”

Connecting Youth through Multiple Pathways

Ulysses, RAMP, SFCC Pre-Apprentice Graduate, Laborer's Apprentice

Ulysses is a RAMP Participant, SFCC Pre-Apprentice Graduate, and Laborers’ Apprentice. Ulysses successfully obtained a clear and valid California Driver’s license which allowed him to meet the eligibility requirements to be an apprentice in the Laborers Union Local 261. Within a week of becoming a Laborers Apprentice, Ulysses was dispatched to a 2-year contract in San Francisco working at a SFMTA/MUNI property on Indiana Street and Cesar Chavez.