Spotlight - Recognizing our Administrative Team

December & Janurary Spotlight

At Workforce Development, we are lucky to have an amazing administrative aide team and talented interns who keep our office humming. We'd like to recognize their contributions to the team, and share some background information about their their experience working at our office. Our interns and administrative aides are in various training programs that partner with Workforce Development to gain skills that will help them with their career aspirations in San Francisco.

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CityBuild Academy Spotlight - Sean Sullivan

Sean Sullivan

Sean Sullivan served in the Army in various capacities and duty locations for close to seven years. He is a graduate of Cycle 23 of the CityBuild Academy and is now working at SFO. We are grateful that Sean was willing to share his experience with CityBuild with us, and to follow is an excerpt from our interview with Sean:

How did you get involved with CityBuild Academy, what did you do prior to enrolling in the program, and what was your experience like while at CityBuild?

Employer Spotlight - Swords to Plowshares

Featured Veterans - Swords to Plowshares

OEWD has provided funding for four consecutive years to Swords to Plowshares, a community-based, not-for-profit veteran service organization that provides wrap-around services to more than 3,000 veterans in the San Francisco Bay Area each year. Swords is committed to helping veterans break through the cultural, educational, psychological and economic barriers they often face in their transition to the civilian world.

Breaking Down Barriers

Marcus Conley, CBA cycle 22, struggled with outstanding barriers associated with his driver’s license, preventing him from being indentured into many local construction trade unions.

Through a collaborative effort between OEWD and several community based organizations, including the A. Philip Randolph Institute and Young Community Developers, Marcus was provided with the funding needed to remove this barrier.

Finding Opportunity in a Booming Tech World

Jorge Ortiz, MEDA Mission Techie

Mission Economic Development Agency (MEDA) is a community based organization located in San Francisco’s Mission District. Since 1973, MEDA has worked to improve economic and social conditions for San Francisco’s low- and moderate-income residents, with primarily Latino families as their target population and client base. In partnership with OEWD, MEDA offers programming that encourages our City’s youth to be empowered and involved in industries, such as tech.